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About us

About Us, Notundesh24.com Bangladesh has established its place in the media in 2020. So the journey began with a sense of challenge to serve this nation as a true and independent news/media website.

The magazine debuted at a historical time when an epidemic corona virus(Covid-19) has pushed the whole world into an extreme crisis.


Notundesh24.com has a long-term responsibility to strengthen public opinion on how to work in a democratic system and how to effectively maintain democratic rules.


Notundesh24.com is about the uniqueness and non-partisan position of children’s health. It is to take a position of neutrality in disputes between good and evil, justice and injustice, right and wrong, whatever the position of any group or alliance, from any influence of any political party or appointed group.

Notundesh24.com Rule of law, justice, human rights violations, gender issues, protection of national interest, The transparency and accountability of the administration and the accountability of the people in the world of trade and industry for which the news / media website has never compromised, no matter how expensive. No political power / party can make it dignified and no one is given a reason to doubt the fairness of the news / media.

Social and Economic Committee:

News and Media As they are well aware of their social responsibilities and duties, the News / Media website works to ensure human rights for all, gender inequality, rule of law, pressure and transparency in administration and transparency and accountability in administration and business and industry. Above all, they support the national interest. To this end they maintain accountability while working.

In addition to running news papers on these topics, Top News carries special reports, human-interest stories, and articles written by its staff, and other professional and overseas talents.

Board of Directors:

News / Media Website Board of Directors which consists of five members. Its head is called chairman and the other members are directors.

The Board of Directors only deals with all income, expenditure and investments of news / media websites but they have nothing to do with policy making.

One of the directors who is in charge of policy making is the director.


He is also the publisher of a news / media website, leading news, reporting and editorial units. He is assisted by associate editors and assistant editors.

An editorial board consisting of associate editors and assistant editors is responsible for editorial writing under the supervision of the editor.

The associate editor is responsible for assisting the editor in providing leadership and acts as the acting editor in the absence of the editor. Assistant editors are always responsible for editorial writing in accordance with the editor’s instructions.

The finance manager is always the head of the accounts department. The Circulation Manager is responsible for taking necessary steps to increase the circulation of newspapers across the country. The ad manager is responsible for managing the ads.

The Chief Reporter is responsible for overseeing the entire reporting team and the main unit of the newspaper. He assigned journalists to write special reports and received reports from reporters working across the country. After receiving the report, he immediately forwarded it to the news editors.


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